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Why ephata?

Our special expertise is in creating unique experiences that combine chapters, immersions, laboratories and journeys that will help you and your team to build an ideal trajectory of transformative education through protagonism, human purpose and the combination of technology with humanized, agile and digital management. Here at Ephata, we always seek to encourage the result by aligning the human purposes of an ecosystem.

From top leadership to operations, the transformation that lasts is one that is capable of changing attitudes and minds, with our help you, your team and your company will be able to reach new levels of engagement and performance in a VUCA, BANI world and in eternal and constant evolution.
Here we go? Contact us and start your new journey today!

Nosso Propósito | Epahta Solutions | Image by David Iskander
our purpose
Ephata Solutions | Nossa personalidade
Ephata Solutions | Nosso comportamento. Como fazemos o que fazemos | Image by Zachary Nelson
our behavior

what does that mean?

Ephata (é.fa.ta) derives from a Greek word (εφατά | ephatah) coming specifically from the biblical passage in Mark (Mk 7,34)when Jesus says to the deaf: EFATHA (Open up). It is with this inspiration that we align with you, unlocking your potential and helping you to go further and further. You, your team and your company!
Come with us: OPEN YOURSELF! There´ s a lot of good things waiting for you!

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