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Our hybrid products have in their composition partialities of physical and digital products. In other words, these are bilateral digital developments and operations completed by actions that take place with the customer in person and physically in their deliverables.

Training and Acceleration Events​

Bringing teams together around the acceleration of common goals and specific empowerment around a pain.

Specially designed with the profile of the team and the company with its specific challenges, For each pain, a pain, a unique journey!

High complexity projects

Playful experiences that focus on building bonds, integrating teams, building bonds and aligning strategies.

Team building and integration activities

A break from routine to inspire a new culture and extract the full human potential of teams and individuals for the common good.


Trails built to empower, accelerate and integrate individuals, teams and companies around a specific purpose.

corporate training

Integral and immersive experience around challenges, themes, objectives and strategies that are completed by the construction of useful objects for participants and businesses.

Practical immersion labs
Brainstorming, thinking in pencil

Storm development of possibilities for new discoveries and business opportunities and arrangements.

Interactive, shareable and asynchronous whiteboards leading participants to face the possibilities of  solving challenges.


Our boutique specializes in creating special journeys and programs individually customized for each pain, team, challenge and company.

Construction of special programs
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